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★★★★★ Recognized and Awarded Five Star Best in Client Satisfaction -> 2008-2019 by Sarasota Magazine.

3800 Tamiami Trail Suite # 303
Sarasota, FL. 34239
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"People are best convinced by things they themselves discovered"
Ben Franklin

Latest kudos from Title Attorney voice mail

"Great to communicate. Brooke uses all of technology to advertise and feature your home - my house was sold really fast. She even suggested listing at a higher price than I was asking and negotiated full price! I paid less in commission than other brokerages charge and received more than full service. Highly recommended!"

Ewelina Seller Oct 2014

"Brooke helped us with a purchase in Venice FL (spring 2014). We purchased a second home with her able assistance. Although we provided her with location ideas before we initially met, her knowledge of the Sarasota area proved invaluable. I don't think that any other agent could have guided us by providing us with such great info about neighborhoods in Bradenton, Sarasota, and ultimately Venice. Brooke's knowledge about the market helped us define our needs, focus our search so we didn't waste time, and ultimately negotiate a price.

I also need to mention that Brooke was extremely professional, especially when the seller's agent made the final negotiations challenging. If you need more info about Brooke, please let me know!! Happy to tell you more."

Lynn Buyer June 2014 from New Jersey

"Brooke is a very intelligent, very responsive and professional, very conscientious, and very personable realtor, and very oriented toward the actual needs of her client. What else is there to say? Definitely 5 stars"

Patrick Buyer May 2013

"Brooke, You are going to get a lot of referrals from us. I have to tell you I did not have much respect for Realtors until we met you. You have exceeded all expectations. You are a true Professional. Thank you."

Carol and Mark Lilly

"Brooke is extremely knowledgeable regarding the Sarasota, FL market and real estate in general. She assisted us in purchasing a bank owned home in Sarasota while we were living in Maryland. She was willing to negotiate aggressively and got us to closing within 14 days of purchase. Brooke was fantastic to work with and I highly recommend her!"

Lynn Schlissler

"Brooke is an excellent realtor. She has gone out of her way to please us in every way thinkable. We are out of state buyers and she made our purchase so easy. She really knows her stuff!! I would like to think of her as a good friend, that's how well she does her job. Thanks Brooke your one of a kind. It's hard to find devoted people today to do what you do. It' been a great experience, Thank you again - Pat"

Pat Hever

"Brooke,We just watched the virtual tour and were impressed with it.Nicely done and very informative. Thanks,Vladimir"

Vladimir & Natalie Beylin

"Sarasota, Florida Real Estate; check out this Broker; We closed on a house in Sarasota this year in May that is exactly the kind of vacation home we have always dreamed of but assumed we would never be able to afford. Brooke’s work for us was nothing less than amazing from start to finish. My wife kept saying to me during the closing process that (based on our experience in buying homes in two other states), “I never realized real estate agents did this,” meaning such things as finding and setting up our best home insurance option, overseeing all the inspections and advising us on any number of issues such as problem areas, tenant possibilities and the list goes on. After closing, Brooke caught a duplicated inspection charge in the myriad closing costs that we didn’t notice, which resulted in a $300 refund to us. It is hard to overstate Brooke’s abilities and work ethic, and if this type of recommendation sounds like hyperbole or exaggeration, that simply can’t be helped because it still understates what Brooke managed for us. We contacted Brooke in mid-March through her website as it seemed to have the clearest presentation and broadest selection of foreclosed and short sale properties in Sarasota on the web. In two months time we were closing on our dream house, a short sale deal for just under $100,000—a property that had sold for $228,000 the last time it was up for sale. The fact is I’ve never even met Brooke in person and yet I trust her more than any other business acquaintance I’ve worked with. I can’t begin to count the properties Brooke visited for us, sending us pictures and rundowns (we live in the Midwest) any time we were interested. From the start, we could tell we were in good hands because Brooke’s pictures and descriptions were thorough and always focused on problem areas that she wanted us to see up-front in properties that we liked. She ran all over the city of Sarasota for us, looking at any property we showed interest in, and this was in working for us in a price range that one must admit did not promise substantial commission for an agent of Brooke’s caliber. Yet she never showed signs of losing faith in our search, never rushed us, and always put our interests before all else. I told my friend in Sarasota that it is a bit hard to believe in this day and age, but our experience has been that Brooke actually cares more about the long-term interests of her clients, their final situation and ultimate happiness than the money she will earn. Again, hard to believe, especially in a real estate market like Sarasota’s. Once we found the house, a short sale with multiple obstacles, Brooke worked tirelessly to get the deal through while we barely had to do any work on our end. She was gracious and kind in showing my wife the home and area when she visited, and we could not have felt more comfortable with her handling all the final details of closing the deal, some of which were not minor. It is hard to believe, and if it weren’t for Brooke, we would not own our dream vacation home. Her savvy and know-how is only matched by her genuine kindness, humility and cheerful work ethic. She is a joy to work with and correspond with on a daily basis and quite simply knows how to navigate her way through foreclosures and short sales with true mastery and expertise so vital to buyers like us who really knew very little about what we were getting into. She made the process painless. She is, in our minds, the best there is, and if you are lucky enough and smart enough to put your trust in her, you will most certainly never regret that decision. Danny and Terrie Campbell, Columbia, Mo. (& now Sarasota, Fla.!)"

Danny and Terrie Campbell

"So glad we found this realtor! When we sold our house, we thought the hard part was over. Our house was pristine and unique, and we sold it under value to do so fast, as I had to move for work. We indeed sold it fast, and thought we would be in good shape, the market supposedly being a perfect market for buyers. Boy, were we wrong. We began diving into listings near SR 70 and found that almost every listing we liked was a short sale (often undisclosed in the ad) with more than one loanholder and a listing price neither bank had authorized (way way less then what they were owed or likely to accept). It was a nightmare, and we knew we were not experienced enough to work through the complications on our own. Still, the realtors we contacted were hesitant to work with short sales- which meant ignoring most of the listings in our price range. Maybe they weren't that interested in working with people in the under 300,000 range at all. Either way, we were anxious and very surprised. We are buyers with stellar credit, a great debt to income ratio, and a good down payment, but we didn't feel prioritized at all- to put it mildly. Meanwhile, the listings of foreclosures piled up in our inbox. Then, I did a keyword search on short sale specialists in the area and happened to find a realtor named Brooke O'Malley, who works with her father in a small agency, and we're both so happy I did. I sent her my usual lengthy missive, and she answered every question I had with notable professionalism and detail, way way beyond the time other realtors has spent on my many questions (I'm type A in big way). She didn't insist we sign on with her exclusively, but I soon felt we would be fools to navigate this market with anyone else. Brooke gave us honest informed advice designed to get us the best deal but based on reasonable expectations- knowing how every step of the short sale and foreclosure process may play out. We're cautious with our money; that's why we're not in trouble like so many people, and we're very very happy we found someone who would really listen to our needs and honestly evaluate our expectations. I know our expectations of the short sale process were a bit skewed by the media, but I also know I didn't want to be pushed into properties beyong our comfort zone just because we had good credit. This realtor paid close attention to what our exact needs are, helping us focus our search, with our expectations focused on likely scenarios. We wrote our first offer with her tonight, and we know the ups and downs of how it may turn out. Most important, when we wrote this offer, she made sure our interests would be protected no matter what, given the two banks we would be negotiating with. Talking to her, it was clear she deals with buyers and sellers alike- honestly and with integrity. She spent SIX hours with us tonight- looking at two listings right near one another, then painstakingly discussing our options and risks. If you're surprised as how the so called "buyer's market" is playing out and want someone informed who will be honest with you and is truly kind, you should look her up. Her web page is Just in case you're wondering, we had no connection to this realtor before my keyword search, and neither my husband nor I work in a field in any way connected to real estate or any kind of sales. I am sharing this information to help people like us, because I know how surprised I was when I found out selling wasn't the only problem in this market. We do not want to be contacted with messages from realtors or mortgage brokers, a we are very very happy and confident putting our future in Brooke's hands."

Prose Hound

George A. Zarris on Trulia reviewed Brooke OMalley Broker

Brooke helped us sell my mother's home after her death. Brooke was extremely helpful. Her knowledge of the real estate market helped us to price the house right and sell it quickly to settle mom's estate. Her understanding of negotiation helped us to get top dollar for the home. My brothers and sisters were very pleased with her efforts. George Zarris

Bethplace on Trulia reviewed Brooke OMalley Broker

"Great, honest, and listens."

Ed Longobardi on Trulia reviewed Brooke OMalley Broker

"Brooke sold our home in less than a month and did exactly what she said she would do.Her marketing expertise was a direct result of a quick sale.Thanks again Brooke"

LadyLingo on Trulia reviewed Brooke OMalley Broker

"Brooke devoted all her knowledge and expertise to the task of selling our home and managed to do so with the utmost professionalism. We would definitely recommend her to others without any reservations."

Mountainfan on Trulia reviewed Brooke OMalley Broker

"Selling a home, when there is a death in the family is extremely difficult and stressful. Using Brooke O'Malley as our agent was the best thing we could have done. She kept us abreast of every detail from the minute she took over, and was always honest and professional. We would recommend Brooke O'Malley to anyone in any situation because she can handle it all! She will work hard no matter what the circumstances are and can always be trusted!"

Brooke O'Malley
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